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There once was a talking dog named Jason F. Mueller. One day he was speeding when a police car followed him. Instead of pulling over he speed up, the police car then chased Jason. Not only was Jason speeding buy he was slightly drunk and wasn't wearing a seat belt. Jason soon spotted a mall and (cause he saw it in The Blues Brothers) drove right through it. Jason ran over a few people while driving in the mall (they survived though). After driving through the mall, the police were still chasing him. Jason also drove through a few houses, ran a few stop lights, causing massive car crashes (everyone lived though), and ran over a few people (they lived too), not to mention he ran over some mail boxes. In the end, for some strange reason, Jason get's abducted by a UFO and the UFO explodes. The End.
I have written a fan script based off of "The Best VHS in the World" (as seen in the Regular Show episode of the same name) If it were a real movie, it would be on DVD instead of VHS. The DVD would be gold-colored and the case would resemble a VHS case. What other stuff should I add to the script?

The-Demihuman Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Still a better love story than Twilight.
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